S.J.M Vidyapeetha (R)

Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Arts College for Women

B.D.Road,  Chitradurga-577501.  Karnataka  India
Phone: 00-91-(08194)-223054

Women Empowerment Cell

            The Women Empowerment cell is functioning in our institution from 1st August 2007. The cell focuses mainly on the welfare of women students socially economically and politically by preparing them to face greater challenges in the Academic field. The Women Empowerment Cell attempts to provide a platform for women to voice their thoughts and opinions for their progress and development. The cell also provides personal guidance, legal awareness on issues related to women and gender sensitization. The cell works for Women Empowerment through guest lectures, seminars awareness programmes, welfare activities, carrier guidance programmes etc.

            The Women Empowerment Cell has conducted many programmes for the benefit of women students. Few important programmes organized are as follows:

  • A Lecture on Advise to Adolescents was arranged on Health Awareness, Physical, Psychological and Emotional changes in adolescents and remedies.
  • A Lecture on Role of Banks in Empowerment of women for self sustenance.
  • Workshop on Professional skill development training.
  • Lecture on women legal rights and opportunities.
  • Lecture on Women Education and Empowerment.
  • Lecture on Methods to check ragging and atrocities against women.
  • Lecture on Gender Equity.
  • Lecture on Employment opportunities after graduation.